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Sexual Harassment Archives

The way you view sexual harassment may impact your case

If you start a sexual harassment case, the way that you viewed the events as they happened could have a massive impact on the outcome of that case. It's not always simply the facts of what happened that define how the court rules, but how you reacted to them.

Sexual harassment can lead to a hostile work environment

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that should never be taken lightly by you, the victim, or your employer. You have a right to work in a safe environment, free from any type of harassment and this includes sexual harassment. There's no reason you should be subjected to unwanted touching, inappropriate comments, explicit pictures or unwanted sexual advances. Sexual harassment can wind up leading to a hostile work environment in New Jersey.

The effects of workplace sexual harassment

Each day you go to work you don't expect to be harassed sexually by your superiors, co-workers, vendors or anyone else you come in contact with during the course of the day. It is illegal for sexual harassment to take place at work. There are laws and other protections in place for the victims of sexual harassment, including those who are not victims but who blow the whistle on those doing the harassing. Below are the effects of workplace sexual harassment.

Explaining digital sexual harassment at work

The workplace should be free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment. Employees should not be subjected to any form of sexual harassment on the job and this includes harassment done through digital forms, including emails, text messages, chat software and more. Today, we will explain digital sexual harassment in a Burlington, New Jersey workplace.

How to reject a co-worker who asks for a date

Many people meet their significant other at their place of employment, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to date everyone (or anyone) you work with. Unfortunately, there could come a time when you're put in the difficult spot of rejecting a co-worker who asks for a date.

Responding to offensive comments in the workplace

When you go to work each day, you don't expect to walk into a hostile environment. There are many ways a place of employment can become hostile, and one such way is when supervisors and co-workers begin making offensive comments. This might be done in passing, in jest, on purpose or even just as a mistake. No matter the reason, you deserve better. Here's how to respond to an offensive comment at your place of employment.

Take the right steps after sexual harassment at work

If you're a victim of sexual harassment at work, you shouldn't wait a single day to review what happened and to decide on what to do next. The sooner you take action the easier it is to protect yourself and to hold the harasser responsible for their behavior.

Experts claim sexual harassment is largely about control

Certainly, sexual harassment may often be sparked by desire or the wish for a romantic relationship. In many cases, people who are in positions of power see opportunities to take advantage of those under them, knowing that employees fear losing their jobs and want to make their supervisors happy.

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