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Distracted driving Archives

Don't Talk And Drive?

Distracted driving brings to mind images of drivers engaging with their cell phones, rather than minding the road. It can be maddening to see a car floating into your lane because the driver is looking down, most likely at a cell phone, instead of watching the road. Cell phones are a relatively new cause of distracted driving. That could be why they draw so much of the attention, and ire, of people trying to prevent car accidents. According to a recent study of federal accident data, cell phones are actually responsible for only 12 percent of distracted driving crashes. A more common cause of these accidents is conversations with other passengers.

Distracted Driving Awareness And Enforcement

As part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, many police departments are stepping up efforts aimed at prevention. Information campaigns play a role in putting a stop to distracted driving, but enforcement also has a place. If drivers have no fear of being caught texting, tweeting or otherwise not paying attention, the behavior will likely continue despite growing awareness of the dangers it poses. While cell phone use is not the only form of distraction taking drivers' eyes off the road, it is one that has drawn substantial attention from lawmakers.