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Were you retaliated against for reporting a coworker?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Blog |

You had been doing a great job at work. You just received a raise, and you had been promoted to a higher position. Things were going great, other than the coworker who wouldn’t leave you alone.

Something that you weren’t expecting was to make an allegation of sexual harassment at work. You had spoken to your coworker and asked them to stop making comments about your body, but they didn’t.

Finally, you’d had enough, so you went to speak with the human resources department. There, they acted like they would take care of the problem. They said that what happened to you would be investigated and that they’d be in touch about the outcome.

The next day, you arrived to an empty office. You had no idea what was happening until your employer walked up to you and handed you a box. He told you that you were fired and walked you out of the building.

Were you wrongfully terminated?

In this case, it’s very strange that you would have been promoted and given a raise prior to being let go. It’s also unusual that you were fired just a day following allegations of sexual harassment against a coworker.

You have a right to safety in the workplace, and that includes the right to report negative behaviors and interactions to the human resources department. You have a right to be able to work without the fear of sexual harassment or retaliation for reporting it.

Finding out if this was a wrongful termination might be tricky, but it’s not impossible. It may be worth reaching out to your attorney and discussing your concerns with them. They have the ability to reach out to the human resources partner you were working with as well as your employer to get more information about the case. If it seems that you were fired because of retaliation or you find out that the other person who was harassing you received no reprimand, it may be time to look into making a case against the company. Your rights may have been violated, and it is fair for you to want to seek compensation for what you’ve been put through.