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When can employers take paycheck deductions in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Wage & Hour Laws |

Many employers engage in illicit activities in hopes that their workers and authorities won’t notice what they’ve done. Making unauthorized payroll deductions is one of those. The State of New Jersey’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development enforces payroll deductions rules and regulations.

New Jersey law requires employers to give their workers either print or electronic statements of deductions itemizing every amount taken from their paychecks.

State labor laws prohibit employers from taking deductions from a worker’s paycheck for damaging company equipment or failing to return their property or for cash register shortages. Employers may be authorized to do so in rare instances under either state or federal regulations, though.

Employers cannot take deductions from their employee’s paychecks to cover professional certification or licensing costs either. A prospective employer may require their worker to secure any necessary professional certifications or licenses at their own expense before taking their job.

It’s generally unlawful for a New Jersey employer to bill their employees fees for uniforms or maintenance. The state’s Wage Payment Law Section 34:11-4.4b(6) describes how employees subject to collective bargaining agreements may agree to cover the cost of renting or maintaining uniforms, though. Paycheck deductions may be lawful in such instances.

There are many types of deductions that New Jersey employers may think that they can take at their discretion that they’re not legally authorized to make. Your company’s leadership may take some of these deductions out of ignorance. Others may do so because they think that they can’t get by with it without getting caught.

An attorney can aid you in determining if your paycheck deduction was lawful. Your Burlington lawyer can advise you of any legal remedies that you may pursue if it wasn’t.