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Keep your eyes open for signs of age discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

As you age, you may have concerns about discrimination in the workplace. It’s not legal, but some employers will do whatever it takes to replace older workers with members of a younger generation.

While there are many signs of age discrimination, these four are among the most common:

  • Other workers your age are being terminated or offered buyouts to leave the company: If you see this happening, along with younger workers coming in behind them, stay on the lookout for other signs of age discrimination.
  • Your duties are given to a younger worker: If your job responsibilities are slowly being reassigned to younger workers, it’s possible age discrimination is at play. Along with this, you may realize that someone with your experience aadoesn’t typically perform your new duties.
  • No more raises: This is one of the quickest ways for an employer to run an older employee out of the company. If they stop giving raises, it’s their hope that you leave on your own.
  • Poor performance reviews: If you’ve always received positive reviews but now find that this isn’t the case, learn more. There’s a chance that it has nothing to do with your performance and everything to do with your age.

It’s not always easy to prove age discrimination, so it’s critical to collect as much evidence as possible. With evidence to backup your claim, it’s easier to take action against your employer, such as if your employment is eventually terminated.

Don’t let your employer take advantage of you. If you’ve been the victim of age discrimination, take action to protect your employment status and legal rights.