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Wrongfully terminated? Know what you should do next

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Employee Rights |

Wrongful terminations can happen for many reasons. An employer may terminate a person who did not like their sexual advances, or they might terminate someone who is “getting older” unfairly.

For any instance where a person is terminated unfairly, there is a potential for a wrongful termination claim.

    Recognizing possible wrongful termination

    A wrongful termination claim can help you recover lost wages and receive compensation for the problems you’ve faced due to your employer. Some of the illegal reasons to fire employees that you may be able to make a claim for include:

    • Firing when in violation of anti-discrimination laws
    • Firing after or as a type of sexual harassment
    • Firing in violation of local, state or federal labor laws
    • Firing as a type of retaliation
    • Firing in violation of previous employment agreements (written or oral)

    If you are fired in one of these situations, you should reach out to the human resources department and your Mount Laurel attorney. It’s important not to be intimidated by your employer’s actions or to avoid “making a fuss” as a result of losing your job.

    You should not have to struggle with an unfair work environment, just as you shouldn’t have to face a wrongful termination.

    What should you take to your attorney after a wrongful termination?

    If you’re wrongfully terminated, there are still steps you need to take to protect your interests. When you go to your attorney’s office, you should bring:

    • Any employment contracts you have with your employer
    • Any inquiries you sent about your firing along with the responses
    • Evidence of promises made by employers
    • Agreements or terms in regard to your termination

    What should you avoid doing after a wrongful termination?

    Even if you’re angry about the termination, it’s best not to act on any negative intentions. Don’t lash out at your employer. It’s better to take your time and to speak with your attorney, because a solid case against your employer will do much more than threats or harassing actions.

    When you’re getting fired, you should ask to see your personnel file and request a severance package. If you don’t do this, you may not have the opportunity to negotiate for one again, especially if you open a wrongful termination case quickly against your employer. At that point, your case will become more serious, and your attorney will be working with you to fight an employer who took away your career in violation of local or federal laws.