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Are you entitled to severance pay?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2019 | Employee Rights |

There are situations in which an employer is not required by law to provide a terminated employee with severance pay. However, there are also situations in which you may be entitled to this compensation.

If you’re discharged for any reason, learn more about your legal rights as they pertain to severance pay. Here are some situations in which you may be able to obtain this compensation:

  • You have a written contract: For example, when you first started your job, you may have signed a contract that guaranteed severance pay if dismissed. With a written contract in place, you have what you need to push for this payment.
  • A history of severance pay: If your employer has provided severance pay to other employees in your position, you have the right to ask for the same.
  • Oral agreement: Even if you don’t have a written contract that mentions severance pay, you may have an oral agreement that promises this compensation upon termination.

If you’re fortunate, your former employer will provide information on severance pay without asking for it. This makes it much easier to not only obtain compensation but to also move onto the next phase of your career.

Conversely, there are also times when an employer looks for any reason possible to not provide severance pay.

If you’re at a crossroads, review your employment contract, speak with others who have left the company in the past and recall any conversations you had with company executives.

If you strongly believe you should receive severance pay, do whatever it takes to protect your legal rights.