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New Jersey faces lawsuit over employees’s rights

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Employee Rights |

New Jersey officials now face a lawsuit claiming that a recently passed bill violates employees’ rights. The law, known as the Workplace Democracy Enhancement Act, places significant restrictions on employees’ ability to leave unions or cease contributing to them financially. Opponents of the act claim that it places too many restrictions on when and how an employee can withdraw from participation in unions.

The law limits the window of time when a union member may leave, only allowing withdrawal during a 10-day period of time after the anniversary of their employment. Under the law as it stands, union members may not freely leave if they attempt to do so outside of this very restrictive requirement.

This restriction is a surprisingly small and arbitrary amount of time to exercise a fundamental right as a worker, which opponents claim violates the constitutional rights of workers. It is also worth noting that the law passed mere weeks before a Supreme Court decision that determined unions may not demand dues from an employee unless they “affirmatively consent to pay” them. While the Supreme Court decision lies in favor of employees’ rights, the act seeks to prevent such freedom.

If you believe that your employer or union violates your rights as an employee, you should carefully consider the legal options that you have available to protect yourself. A strong legal strategy enables you to explore your options and keep your rights and privileges secure while you work to create a safer and more just workplace for yourself and for others.