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August 2018 Archives

Atlantic City public employees demand fair treatment

Public employees throughout Atlantic City are pushing back against what many see as an unfair reduction in rights and privileges by the local government. Some of the unions that represent these workers are considering lawsuits to reclaim civil service status for workers across many different areas of the public sector, including workers from public offices like city hall to firefighters and police, all of whom lost civil service status in 2016 as a part of a takeover of public works and services by the state.

Is it legal to record an employer in New Jersey?

With the flurry of news stories involving secret recordings that have come out in recent weeks and months, many employees have understandable concerns about whether or not it is legal to make "secret" recordings in their own workplaces. This is a complicated issue, because it deals with ethical boundaries as well as legal boundaries. However, there are some clear facts that are good to know.

Claiming wrongful termination from at-will employment

It is not always simple to know when or if you can challenge your termination from work, especially if you are employed at-will. An overly simplistic understanding of at-will employment may lead many people to think that an employer can simply fire an employee for any reason without recourse, but this is not the case.

Are lunch breaks guaranteed to workers in New Jersey?

No matter what industry you work in or the complexity of your work life, you have to eat. As a worker, performing shifts without a break to eat and rest can greatly decrease your ability to deliver quality work and may sink your productivity significantly. However, not all employers are legally required to offer lunch breaks, as counterintuitive as that might be.

Consenting to theft in the workplace

The term "unpaid wages" may conjure up images of a small clerical error on a company's vast accounting records. A better term for the issue is wage theft. Wages don't disappear. Companies steal them from the employees who are their rightful owners. Wage theft is a massive problem, partly because so many employers are confident they can get away with it.

Some industries are full of predators

Sexual harassment occurs in every industry. It is a reality faced by countless workers, women and men, all across the country. While there is no career path you can choose that will guarantee a harassment free existence, there are some careers that nearly guarantee exposure to this disgusting conduct.

Misclassifying employees is more common than you think

In many industries, it is common for businesses to operate with numerous independent contractors as their workers rather than hiring employees. While this may seem like a small distinction, in practice it is quite significant. If you work for your current employer as an independent contractor, you may want to carefully review your contract and the specifics of your employer's expectations of your performance to determine whether or not you are properly categorized.

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