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Do you face pregnancy discrimination at work?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

In workplaces in America, it is not legal to discriminate against an employee because of pregnancy. Unfortunately for many expectant mothers, numerous employers still do not properly treat their pregnant employees. It may require legal action against them to remedy the situation and bring justice to the workplace. If you experience pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, you should seriously consider the legal tools available to help you fight back against such behavior.

Pregnancy discrimination may impact a mother’s career opportunities and privileges in the workplace if the employer discriminates in a way that prevents her from receiving deserved promotions or career opportunities. Similarly, a mother may face pressure to take medical leave before she feels she needs to do so, which is also illegal. A woman may continue to work as long she wishes to, provided that she can reasonably perform her responsibilities.

An employer cannot deny benefits to a mother simply because of a pregnancy. The benefits an employer offers to one employee, it cannot fail to offer to another employee. This includes health insurance coverage as well as medical leave. If a pregnant woman wishes to take medical leave, the employer must treat the request the way it would treat any other employee’s request.

If you suspect that you face pregnancy discrimination, make it priority to do your part fighting back against unfair treatment in the workplace. With the strength of the law, you can hold you employer accountable to the law and help create a more just and fair workplace for all people while keeping your own rights and privileges protected while you deal with your pregnancy.

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