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March 2018 Archives

Explaining New Jersey break requirements for employers

Employees across the state of New Jersey are protected by a host of different laws and regulations. Many employees don't realize that employers aren't technically required by law to provide their employees with breaks while on the job. Today, we will take a look at the break requirements set forth by the state of New Jersey for employers.

What is the implied contract exception in at-will employment?

At-will employment allows both an employer and an employee to end their professional relationship for any reason or no particular reason at all, provided that a termination does not violate some existing federal or state law. In many cases, terminations that indicate some form of discrimination in the workplace may not qualify under blameless at-will termination, for instance. In most states, including New Jersey, an employer is very likely to have employees sign an at-will employment agreement to protect his or her right to terminate them at any time.

Workplace discrimination against medical marijuana users

New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphy made legalization of marijuana a core component of his platform during his election campaign, and he is already taking steps to expand residents' access to the drug through legitimate medical dispensaries. However, the process of legalization is often lengthy and complicated, and it may be quite some time before the drug is no longer a threat to the livelihoods of users, even those who do qualify for a medical marijuana exception.

Is it right to ban confidential settlements in harassment cases?

What happens in New Jersey has national implications. Early this month, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley made good on his promise to release details on confidential settlements as well as the costs and fees associated for them for a number of lawsuits that plagued the state government just this year alone. Two of the large cases showed one settlement for over $1 million in the Department of Labor and one in the Department of Social Services for $2 million. 

Lawmakers consider new employee protection measures

New Jersey lawmakers are considering new legislation that would place broad protections around employees, keeping them from unfairly waving their rights against discrimination in the workplace. Under the proposed bill, employment contracts would face legal challenges if they include language that undermines or waives discrimination rights.

Keep your own records in an employment dispute

If you believe that your employer is treating you unfairly, or if you face unacceptable behavior from someone in your workplace, you may have grounds to seek legal action to resolve the matter. Under the law, employees enjoy protections from unfair or discriminatory behavior, but the process of addressing these issues in the workplace is often surprisingly complex to resolve.

Upholding the minimum wage is key

The minimum wage has been a hot button issue for some time now. Lawmakers are acting at the city, state and federal levels to control minimum wage levels based on their political leanings. Many on the left are working to see that full-time workers are not poverty-ridden. On the right, the interests of corporations and business owners dictate policy. The battle between workers and employers ignores one of the primary problems with minimum wage laws - they are not enforced in any comprehensive or reliable way.

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