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Sports bar ordered to pay back wages to former employees

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Wage & Hour Laws |

Right down the road in New Brunswick, a sports bar recently faced a court order to pay almost $60,000 in unpaid wages to former employees. The order came after a multi-year lawsuit on the part of six former employees. According to the suit, the employees claimed that the bar did not uphold minimum wage laws. The bar is only one of about 70 franchised locations throughout the country.

The suit claimed that many employees were instructed to perform tasks they were not paid to complete, and also went without proper overtime pay. In some instances, employees were not paid for their mandatory training, and some employees were ordered to perform task considerably outside of their designated job duties.

While it is encouraging to see dishonest employers facing the music after treating employees poorly, many businesses continue to practice these truly unfair tactics at the expense of hardworking people who need these jobs.

If you believe that your employer or a former employer is not paying you fairly, or if you believe that you are owed payment for work you already completed, then you have a great opportunity. You may have grounds to file a similar unpaid wages lawsuit and fight for the rights of many other employees who receive unfair treatment. The more businesses are made to pay the price for unfair practices, the fewer of them that may choose to continue to treat their employees in such a manner.

An experienced attorney can work to protect your rights as you fight for fair wages and justice in the workplace.

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