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Do you face pregnancy discrimination in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

Of the many kinds of discrimination that women often face in the workplace, one of the most baffling is often discrimination because of a pregnancy. The kind of detachment necessary for an employer to punish or mistreat a pregnant employee simply because of the pregnancy is truly staggering. After all, each and every person alive throughout the world at any given moment is the product of a pregnancy. In many ways, there is hardly a more unifying human event than a pregnancy. Still, many women face unfair treatment in the workplace because a pregnancy, such as several employees in a New Jersey real estate group.

According to complaints, not only did the employer fire the women shortly after they disclosed their respective pregnancies, a superior in the company allegedly also said some very tone deaf things about pregnant employees, such as “pregnancy makes you retarded,” and “when women get pregnant, they get stupid.”

Astoundingly, these attitudes persist in the modern workplace, and demand those who suffer unfair treatment stand up and fight back. If you or someone you love recently suffered unfair treatment or termination in the workplace because of a pregnancy, an experienced attorney can help you in your fight for justice.

Defending the rights of women in the workplace certainly extends beyond pregnancy, but it is an issue that uniquely affects women in the workplace and must receive specific attention. If you need help defending your rights and a pregnant woman in the workplace, be sure to obtain all the help you need to fight for just treatment in the workplace so that you can focus on your pregnancy during this special season surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

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