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Strengthening your wrongful termination claim

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Wrongful Termination |

If you believe that you were recently wrongly terminated from your job, there is a chance you can bring a successful wrongful termination suit and find justice — but even in a successful scenario, you’re a long way from the finish line. In the meantime, the actions you take now may help you weather this difficult season well or dismantle your claim. Be sure to consider how your actions may affect the fair settlement you may choose to seek.

If you believe that your firing is unjust, you must not do anything that may make the action appear just after the fact. Resit the urge to make a dramatic display as you leave, and don’t trash the company or complain about your termination to your community, especially on social media. You must maintain the high ground as much as possible while you build your claim.

Building a strong wrongful termination claim takes time to properly prepare. You should try to find out the reasons for your termination and the individual who made the decision. If your job involved an employment contract, you should scrutinize the terms under which the employer could let you go. If, for instance, you receive charges unrelated to your employment and the employer fires you because of them, the contract may stipulate the terms of your release and compel the employer to honor them.

Don’t wait to seek out the help you need to fight for justice in your termination. Guidance from an experienced attorney can help you assess the grounds of your claim and identify how to build it securely to obtain fair compensation and protect your rights.

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