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Wrongful termination and employment agreement violations

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Wrongful Termination |

When most people think of wrongful termination, they generally envision an employer discriminating against an employee when firing them, or letting someone go as retaliation for speaking up about poor work conditions or violations of regulations. However, some wrongful terminations are far less personal or even intentional. If your employer fired you in violation of your employment agreement, this may also constitute wrongful termination.

If your employment contract contains clauses that promise certain schedules for advancement or state that your job remains secure except for very specific circumstances, then you may have been wrongfully terminated.

Many contracts include language that lays out your employer’s disciplinary policies. If you were terminated in violation of those disciplinary policies, then you may have a wrongful termination claim. For example, If your employer has stated policies that say that an employee must be warned three times for certain behavior before they are terminated, and you were terminated after only one or two warnings for that certain behavior, this may qualify as wrongful termination.

Each circumstance is different, and must be examined carefully to identify the strongest strategy for fighting your termination. Even if something feels wrong or improperly personal, it may be technically permissible. The guidance of an attorney can help you identify the difference between a hurtful termination and potentially illegal one.

It is always wise to consult with an experienced attorney about your employment issues to fully understand the nuances of the law as it applies to your situation. With proper legal counsel, you can rest assured that your rights will remain protected as you explore your options for justice in the workplace.

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