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New Jersey temp workers fear speaking out about violations

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination |

While it is a philosophy that in the U.S., justice always prevails, in reality, life isn’t always that easy. Justice is hard to come by in various types of legal situations, including in a workers’ rights situation in New Jersey.

Many of us have begun our careers or perhaps still support ourselves and our families through temp work. Temp agencies can be a logical and effective way to get work and earn a paycheck. Sadly, many temp workers in New Jersey claim that they are victims of mistreatment.

Does a temporary placement provide the temp worker rights? This is a complex question and varies from state to state. Both state laws and federal laws play a role in workplace regulations. In New Jersey, there is currently a need to protect the temp workers who make the following claims of abuse:

  • wage and hour violations
  • discrimination
  • sexual harassment
  • unsafe working conditions

As we mentioned in the beginning of the employment law blog post, justice can be hard to secure. This is particularly true in this situation of temp workers in our state because so many of the supposedly mistreated temps do not formally make reports of workplace violations.

Alleged instances of the above workplace problems are going unreported by many temp workers who are not legal immigrants. The workers are afraid to report mistreatment out of fear of more than losing their jobs, but of losing their home here, too. 

In most cases of employment law violations, workers have fear of reporting the issue. If you have concerns about your treatment at your place of work, talking to an employment law attorney can be a safe way to at least gain some understanding of your rights.