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Gender Discrimination Suit Against Princeton University Settled

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2016 | Firm News |

The Employment, School Discrimination and Civil Rights trial law firm ofCostello, Mains & Silverman, LLC in Mt. Laurel, NJ is pleased to announce the settlement of litigation commenced against Princeton University which alleged that Princeton was discriminating on the basis of gender in its Summer wrestling program. The suit, filed on August 4, 2015 on behalf of high school wrestler Rebecca Pizuto by her father, Joseph, contended that Rebecca had attempted to attend a Summer wresting camp offered for Middle School and High School wrestlers. She was informed by the University that the program was not open to female wrestlers despite the fact that no such gender-based rule appeared anywhere on the University’s Summer wrestling camp website. The lawsuit was filed pursuant to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination in Mercer County under docket number L-1760-15.

After being served with the suit, Princeton University settled the matter with Ms. Pizuto. The predominant and important part of the settlement is that Princeton will alter its program to make it open to both genders commencing in 2016.

“We’re very proud of this case, “says partner Kevin Costello, who filed the complaint and would have served as trial counsel had the matter proceeded to trial.

“We knew going into this, from having spoken with Rebecca and her father, that this case was not going to be about money damages. Rather, the goal was to require Princeton to change its program and open it up to female wrestlers. I’m happy to report that Princeton readily agreed that the program ought to be changed in light of the allegations in the complaint. In fact, it was not surprising that Princeton’s counsel and representatives were quick and gracious about recognizing this “hole” in equal opportunity for female athletes; they were also quick to repair it. We never thought Princeton would delay in fixing this, but we’re happy that the Anti-Discrimination law was used for its intended purpose to end – a perhaps unintentional – form of discrimination at a very old and respected New Jersey landmark.”

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