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Complaints About A Mover?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2015 | Public Movers |

You’re not alone, but you have rights. 

Often times we use movers at the most exciting times in our lives – buying a new home, setting off on a new adventure or delivering a new purchase. Unfortunately, these movers sometimes make mistakes and take advantage of their customers. They’re late, they bring the wrong size truck, they bump you to another day, or perhaps worst of all they damage or lose your property. Public movers must provide safe, proper and adequate service. When they don’t, they have violated the laws governing their industry. If you have attempted to communicate with your moving company about one of these issues you may have found that they are less than receptive. They may give you the run-around, refer you to others within the company or simply fail to call you back.

What recourse do you have? Plenty. The New Jersey Public Movers and Warehousemen Licensing Act provides that such movers may be liable to you not only for the damages they have caused, but three times the amount in addition to other sanctions. However, beware, there is a catch. While you will typically have two years to file such a claim, you must first within 90 days serve written notice on the mover of the damage. This is one of the many reasons that movers will attempt to delay, delay, delay their responses to your phone calls. They are hoping that the 90 day window will close before you submit anything in writing. Once that window closes while you may have other options, your ability to file claim under the statute will likely end. 

Not all damages or problems will necessarily trigger the statute discussed above and so it is critical that aggrieved customers consult with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. This law represents an important piece of consumer protection in New Jersey and anyone using a moving service should know their rights.