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Drive Safely Work Week Emphasizes Preparation

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2015 | Car Accident |

The first full week in October is Drive Safety Work Week. The campaign promotes safe driving in a number of ways. It is not restricted to people who drive as part of their work. The name is related to the group that produces the campaign each year, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS). The idea is to help employers push the message of safe driving to their employees. While car and truck accidents have the most devastating impact on the victims and their families, the cost of accidents to employers and society at large is tremendous. For employers who wish to help their workers drive safely, NETS offers materials to accomplish that mission.

The campaign this year targets preparation as a key to safe driving. Employees will be encouraged to plan ahead when driving, even if the trip is routine. Unfamiliar driving situations, unfamiliar routes and changing circumstances can throw even the safest driver for a loop. If you take the time to learn your route, check the weather and take proper precautions before you leave, you will improve your chances of completing the trip safely.

The importance of planning ahead extends to other driving situations. Designating specific times to help your teen drivers practice can improve their driving ability. Choosing a designated driver in advance if you think you might be drinking is more reliable than trying to figure out a safe way home once you are impaired. Making sure your vehicle is in full working order before you need to get somewhere can help you avoid tricky situations. The more thought you put into making a journey by car a safe one, the better your chances of avoiding a car accident.

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