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Learning About The Dangers Of Aggressive Driving

On Behalf of | May 7, 2015 | Car Accident |

Learning the rules of the road is one part of new driver education that is relatively straightforward. Learning how to physically operate a vehicle in various circumstances – parallel parking, three-point turns, and the like – requires a little practice, but is still more or less a simple matter. Developing and maintaining the proper mentality for safe driving is both more difficult and more important. A new law will hopefully help new applicants for New Jersey drivers’ licenses consider the dangers of aggressive driving.

Depending on your temperament, aggressive driving might not be something you would ever engage in. That is clearly not the case for everyone, however, as frequent drivers know very well. Aggressive driving, rising to the level of road rage, is not so rare as to be surprising. Violent confrontations are not common, but behaviors such as tailgating and speeding in response to a real or perceived slight are seen regularly. 

The new law will add questions about aggressive driving to the New Jersey driver’s license testing. It will also add information about aggressive driving to high school driver’s education classes. The idea is to get to young drivers before they are confronted with behavior that might inspire rage. If you have had time to consider the potential harm of aggressive driving before getting behind the wheel, you might have a better chance of avoiding it.

If someone cuts you off, the best response is not to race ahead of them and cut them off in return. Tailgating them, likewise, is not something that is conducive to safe driving. If a driver cuts you off, chalk it up to them being incompetent or dangerous and do the smart thing – give them space.

Source:, “N.J. law for aggressive driving education is inspired by teen paralyzed in road rage crash,” by Mike David, 4 May 2015