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New Jersey Employment and Civil Rights Lawyer Discusses Rush Limbaugh’s Recent Comment “No Means Yes.”

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

Seriously, Rush? Really?

I mean, I realize you’re intellectually dishonest, unjustifiably arrogant, of weak character, a hypocrite, a liar, a racist, far stupider than you think you are, but are you really this stupid?

When, exactly, does “no mean yes?” what is that, your super-power? You can tell when a woman wants to have sex even when she says no? Worse, you want to tell us that others have this super-power too?

Guess what, Rush: No one can tell 100% of the time. Which means no one should be guessing any of the time.

Sexual assault – especially amongst the young, hormone-loaded, culture-influenced, sometimes high and/or drunk crowd – isn’t a joke, you ass. One in four college women report surviving rape or attempted rape at some point in their lifetime (Fisher, Cullen & Turner, 200; Tjaden &Thoennes, 2006). Every year in the United States, 1,270,000 women experience rape (Black, Basile, Breiding, Smith, Walters, & Merrick, 2011).

So, I realize that if you had any talent beyond being an ass, you’d be able to do the math, but since you’re just not that smart – just loud – let me help you.

According to the logical extension of your ignorant statement, some portion of 1,270,000 women alleging they were raped really wanted to be violated. How many?

If by “some portion,” you meant 1 in 100, that’s still over twelve thousand women.

And, pray tell, Karnak, what’s your secret method for determining which ones? You didn’t say. Who are you, Professor Snape?

The worst part of our First Amendment is that it allows you to make statements like this, without evidence or support, which will get more women raped, and we can’t do a thing about it.

On the other hand, how many women listeners or yours should keep listening, now? How many husbands? Fathers? I know you’ll wheedle and sneak your soft, cheesy rear end out from under this. And your most loyal – ignorant – listeners will allow it.

But you are what’s wrong with our culture. You are the reason we should be embarrassed before the world and ashamed that anyone will forgive you for this. Because no matter what you say to get out from under it, we know you don’t mean it.

You’re truly one of the worst enemies mankind has.