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Did integrity cost New Jersey tax assessor her job?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2013 | Wrongful Termination |

In life, there are politics both literal and figuratively. Literally, we have government, lawmakers, law enforcers and political parties. Figuratively, we have the type of politics that could cause one high school athlete to be given a position based on some factors unrelated to athletic ability. 

In some situations, like high school, it may only be considered unfair. In other situations, like an employment setting, it could be considered a violation of rights. In the case of one New Jersey tax assessor, she said “political reasons” resulted in the wrongful termination of her tenured position. 

According to the employment lawsuit filed with the Superior Court of New Jersey, the woman had held her position as the for 10 years. When Mayor Jeffrey Goldsmith took office in 2012, she said that things changed.

The tax assessor disagreed with the “unilateral interference with her duties” by Mayor Goldsmith involving a prior year’s tax appeal settlements. She made her thoughts known, refusing to allow the mayor to insert himself in settlements.

Once the conflict between herself and the mayor was established, she said that the Bergen County Board of Taxation refused to help. In fact, her consent was not sought in several settlements that were approved by the governing body.

On July 9, she was dismissed from her job for “political reasons” in such a way that she claims constituted a wrongful termination. 

“I believe the reason I was terminated was because I attempted to protect the integrity and authority of the tax assessor in the face of political interference by the mayor,” she said in a statement. 

This woman is not alone. Others who feel that they were fired in violation of their rights should seek the assistance of an employment attorney in New Jersey. 

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