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Handling Unpaid Wage And Overtime Claims For Employees

As an employee, certain aspects of your life are out of your control. You can't go where you like, when you like and do what you like if you want to get paid and keep your job. That loss of control entitles you to the wages and benefits agreed to in your employment contract and those guaranteed to you by state and federal laws. For nonexempt employees, one of those rights is the right to be paid proper wages, including overtime. If your employer does not pay you for the hours you've worked, you can turn to the law for protection.

A Difficult Position

When you are working to support your family and make ends meet, the idea of confronting your employer about unpaid wages can be frightening. While this fear is understandable, the law has an answer. The Conscientious Employee Protection Act and the Pierce doctrine prevent employers from retaliating against you for asserting your rights to unpaid wages. At Costello & Mains, LLC, our attorneys can protect you throughout the process of holding your employer accountable for paying you what you are owed.

You Are Not Alone

Employers typically refuse to pay overtime or proper wages to classes of employees. They use a variety of tricks and dodges to get out of paying what the law requires. Wage and hour claims can be filed on behalf of an individual or an entire class of affected workers. Our firm has been helping workers for nearly 30 years. We can work with you to make sure your rights as an employee are respected. Our lawyers have experience in wage and hour class actions that help large groups of workers get the unpaid overtime and withheld wages they are entitled to. We know the law, and we have the resources to take on even the largest employers and win.

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