Representing Employees, Students and Personal Injury Victims

Every employee, every student and every citizen of New Jersey is entitled to powerful protections under state and federal laws. But standing up for your rights is intimidating. Will you be believed? Will there be backlash? Will your life be better?

The New Jersey law practice of Costello & Mains, LLC, is built on giving people like you a voice in the legal system. In the employment field, we represent people who have endured sexual harassment, job discrimination, unpaid wages and overtime, whistleblower retaliation, labor law violations, bullying, civil rights abuses and other mistreatment in the workplace, at school or in the public sphere.

In personal injury law, we represent people who have been injured or lost loved ones to the careless or negligent acts of others. Our experienced legal team stands with you to assert your rights and to demand action and justice to right the wrongs.

Our firm's commitment to justice has helped us become leaders in several important fields of law. School bullying and discrimination have become hot topics nationwide. We have fought for years to help children and the parents of children who have been tormented at school. It's an issue that is important to us personally and professionally.

Our employment law work has led us to tackle a common abuse of workers — unpaid wages and overtime. We take on employers that deny workers proper payment for all hours worked. We handle wage and overtime cases for individual workers and for classes of workers who have been similarly affected by an employer's improper conduct.