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New Jersey Civil and Employment Rights Trial Lawyer Discusses Priest Supporting LGBTQI Advocacy Group

Just when we're starting to really turn the corner on LGBTQI issues, now a Priest is being fired for supporting an LGBTQI advocacy group.

But how can this be? Doesn't the Catholic religion preach that marriage should be between a man and a woman ONLY? Sure, we love the "sinners." We "pray" for the sinners. Maybe nutjob parents try to cure the "sinners" with "conversion therapy." But support them? A Priest!?

Yet, here we are. A priest openly supported an LGBTQI advocacy group on social media. Good job, padre. Maybe you'll start a trend, other religions will follow suit, and we finish turning this corner and get on to other important human business. 

Some have called this priest a hypocrite, the theory being that he can't be Catholic and say what he has at the same time. Which makes sense, if you're the kind of religious person who thinks that doctrine trumps biology, common sense, justice and compassion.

Clearly, this priest isn't one of those people, god love him. He thinks love trumps everything. Cause god is love, isn't he? If only that's how all faiths worked, and all people who follow them. Sigh.

Why punish and silence those who speak for god, and who speak for love?

Who are the hypocrites now

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