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August 2013 Archives

Social media, social comments, salary no more for DPW worker

Employment laws are written to cover broad situations. For example, federal and state laws prohibit employers from discriminating against or harassing an individual based on their gender, and it would be considered a wrongful termination if an employee was fired for this reason. The law is clear on that, but what isn’t always clear is proving that the termination was based on sex or what actions fall under the definition of “harassment.”

Bill eyes 1.2 million New Jersey workers without paid sick leave

In a lot of households, it is the mother who is called when a child gets sick at school or takes time off to help care for a relative with an illness. Many of these women are also the primary wage earners in their family. Yet, New Jersey law does not protect this societal health interest with paid sick days for around 1.2 million workers in the state -- many of them women.

Did integrity cost New Jersey tax assessor her job?

In life, there are politics both literal and figuratively. Literally, we have government, lawmakers, law enforcers and political parties. Figuratively, we have the type of politics that could cause one high school athlete to be given a position based on some factors unrelated to athletic ability.